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Hi, I’m Bill Straub and welcome to my website / blog. I purchased this domain name and I’m putting up this site for me to write about whatever I want – my interests, my tastes, my opinions, my hobbies, announcements, things that I come across that I feel could be helpful to you or someone you might know of, etc… things I enjoy thinking about and / or talking about and / or doing. It’s sort of a place for me to “think out loud”, so I’ll be sort of “thinking out loud” while I’m writing… hence the writing style will be very informal and “off the cuff”. I would have purchased the domain name BillStraub.com a long time ago, but someone purchased it back before July 2001 and since 2004 have never used it for anything and still aren’t… it has been “offline” since at least 2004 or maybe before. Someone has been paying for it year after year, but they have never used it. I see that it was “reserved” by Rarenames Inc in 2014 and now by Sedo in 2016… but Bill Straub isn’t that rare of a name (I always thought it was), but there is an ex-pro soccer player, a professional bowler now turned women’s head coach of the University of Nebraska, a Washington correspondent, a musician who plays the saxophone, a famous doctor from Hawaii, and so on… so there are quite a few Bill Straubs out there (and some of them are fairly well-known) don’t believe me? Just go check out Facebook or better yet, do a Google search.

I own other domain names also (more on my other domains in the future) and have owned two of them since February 2004, so if you’re looking for Bill Straub the Team24k Guy or the Team24k Guy… you’ve found him.

I’ll also be giving away things of value on this site – free downloads, free information, free info, free books, free PDFs, free e-books (electronic books or digital books), free guides, free digital audios (MP3s, etc.),  free medical cards and free dental cards to help with any insurance problems that you or someone you might know of may be having, and anything else that I come across that might be helpful. I’ll also be sounding the alarm on any Red Flags I stumbled upon while looking for cool stuff on the net, and exposing any Scams, Scammers, Con Artists, Cons Games, Cons, etc. Maybe I’ll even get into doing some reviews, if time permits.

Make sure you come back and visit often, as I’m just getting started and will be adding and updating things constantly. I feel BillStraubExposed.com will become a “labor of love” and a mission that will be a win / win for the both of us (and for many other people too).

btw – some of the things I’ll be writing about – will probably be (music, fitness, corruption, current events and history, etc.), as these have always been some of my main interests. If I get a good night’s sleep, I usually awake with some new creative ideas to implement or song going through my head that triggers some memories and I’ll rush to publish them… before they slip away into the cluttered workday of our modern world. One of the reasons I chose BillStraubExposed.com and not BillStraubOnline.com, etc. is because I’m a private person and by having this site I’ll be exposing some of my thoughts and feelings, that I normally wouldn’t… and I mentioned BillStraub.com hasn’t been available since at least July 2001 (I checked the Internet Archive). Okay, that’s it for now… I look forward to sharing “Things of Interest” with you.

Bill Straub – not afraid to take on and tackle the issues that most people fear, for some strange reason…

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