Supermarket Rock Obscure Classics Humble Pie Steve Marriott Chicago Johnny Winter While Food Shopping

Supermarket Rock – Hearing Obscure Classics While Food Shopping

Food Shopping with Steve Marriott & Humble Pie, Chicago, and Johnny Winter… Supermarket Rock?

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Supermarket Rock

Do any of your local supermarkets play obscure classics from rock music’s legends while you shop? I walked into one of the local supermarkets the other night to buy some food and the first thing I heard when I walked through the door was Steve Marriott saying “Roll it baby”… then “Find it (Who that?) Mercy (Who that sayin’ mercy?) So hotnnasty. Hey Joe, don’t forget to shake it…” (I didn’t even hear the end of the previous song). Then my brain and my mind started asking each other if they were dreaming or hearing things. After a few seconds I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I wasn’t dreaming, but was actually hearing Steve Marriott singing the Humble Pie classic Hot ‘n’ Nasty. I was thinking this was surely an oversight by whoever was running the store at time and they would soon realize what they have done and go back to playing la-di-da music again, but the song finished in it’s entirety and I surely thought that would be then end of the Supermarket Rock, but no – they went right into “I’m a Man” from The Chicago Transit Authority… complete with the percussion jam. Next up was “Can’t You Feel It” from “Still Alive And Well” by Johnny Winter. I was thinking to myself “how cool, a supermarket playing classic rock… that the classic rock radio stations won’t even play”. After that finished, then it was back to reality with something safe by Stevie Nicks or something… but it was nice while it lasted. Anyway… I finished up, got in a line and paid. I don’t know, but I’ve never heard music like that in a supermarket or any store for that matter… how about you?

Here they are for your listening pleasure –

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you soon, as I’ll be back with another post with some more great obscure “almost forgotten” classics…

Bill Straub
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Supermarket Rock